"The Pitons of Saint Lucia."

Hi! I’m Cheikh, and welcome to my website. I’ve included a blog page here, so do check back periodically for updates. I live in the Caribbean on Saint Lucia island. The photo above is taken on a catamaran off the coast of Saint Lucia.

While I wouldn’t call myself a technophile, I enjoy seeking and employing new technology to improve my environment. My interest in computers and computer technology started when I was introduced to a computer running on an Intel 80286 16-bit microprocessor with MS-DOS. Although I used computers then for standard tasks like word processing, spreadsheets, and database management, I was primarily interested in gaming. My interests have grown and evolved since then, particularly in designing and programming innovative solutions to existing and future problems.

I have worked on various science, engineering, and business software products. I code primarily in Python but have built or contributed to C++, Fortran, and JavaScript software. As an engineer by training, I use a customer-centric product development approach and an iterative, test-driven product development life cycle.

Today, I work as a Research and Engineering Scientist at Elizabeth Consulting International Inc. Also, I am the project manager and model products lead at the Climate Modeling Alliance (CliMA). At CliMA, I led a software team that developed a web application that delivers projections of climate design conditions for building design and engineering applications. I also employ Prince2 Agile project management principles and processes to keep the CliMA project on track.

I enjoy playing video games, reading non-fiction books, and spending time with my family and friends in my spare time. I also like to play cricket, practice karate, and run. Finally, I enjoy listening to classical music, playing my viola, and visiting museums.

Select Awards

2009 : Donald Willis Fellowship

2006 : Dennis H. Mahan Award

2005 : The Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship

2005 : The Cadet Roger A. Herndon Memorial Award

1998 : Graduation prize for the study of Principles of Business and Information Technology